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Fire Safety – Apartments and Condos

Fire Safety - Apartments and Condos

In case of fire, evacuate and do NOT re-enter for ANY reason!

Having a plan is critical for apartment and condo fire safety. Know how to get out quickly if a fire starts.

Be Prepared  – Create an escape plan.

  • Discuss how you will get outside.
  • Practice your plan.
  • Count the number of doors there are between your apartment and the nearest fire exit.
  • Memorize the number in case you have to find the exit in the dark.
  • Know where all the exit doors and stairs are on your floor.
  • Learn your building evacuation plan if you have one.
  • Create and practice an escape plan for your own apartment.

Stay Calm

In the event of a fire, stay calm. Move to the exit as you have practiced. Call the fire department once you are outside.

  • If you hear a smoke alarm, evacuate your apartment and call 911.
  • If your door feels warm to the touch, do not attempt to open it.
    • Call 9-1-1 and tell the dispatcher your apartment number and that you can’t open your door.
    • Stuff the cracks around the door with towels, rags, bedding, or tape.
    • Cover vents.
    • Wait at a window and signal for help with a flashlight or by waving a white cloth.
  • If your apartment door is cool to the touch, open it slowly.
    • Stay low and check for smoke or fire in the hallway.
    • If the hallway is safe, follow the evacuation plan.
    • Never use an elevator to escape a fire. Always use the stairs

Building Fire Safety

  • Don’t prop open exit or stairway doors. These are installed to slow the spread of heat and smoke if there is a fire.
  • Speak to your apartment manager if you see a damaged smoke alarm, fire extinguisher, or an emergency light that has burned out.
  • Make sure your apartment has working smoke alarms.
  • Have a smoke alarm inside each sleeping room.
  • Test your smoke alarms every month.
  • Replace the batteries every year.
  • Tell your apartment manager if you think there is a problem with one of your smoke alarms.

Wait Outside for the Fire Department

Once you are outside, move away from the building. Always give the firefighters and fire trucks plenty of space.

  • Stay outside.
  • Do not go back inside for any reason.
  • If you think someone is still inside, tell firefighters where you think they are.
  • Wait until firefighters tell you it’s safe to go back

Safety Tips to prevent a fire in your apartment or condo

  • Don’t grill on your balcony.
  • Extinguish candles as you leave a room.
  • Don’t place extension cords under carpet or across walkways.
  • Don’t overload electrical outlets.
  • Stay in the kitchen while cooking.
  • Keep flammable items away from the stove.
  • Heat your air, not your stuff. Maintain three feet around a space heater.
  • Fire extinguishers are used to protect escape routes.
  • Never hang items from or block your fire sprinkler.
  • Smokers, dispose of smoking materials in their proper place and NEVER smoke in bed.


Printable flyers:
Apartment Fire Flyer
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